A few years ago I was out barefoot in a crowded city park working on my strength routine. While walking from my favorite pull-up branch to another spot where I like to do push-ups, I overheard someone behind me say to a companion, “That one jumped the fence.” I may have looked a little like someone who had escaped the asylum.

Upon reflection on that incident, I’ve since realized that I was an escapee. I was in an ongoing process of escaping that continues today – escaping from the cultural norms that keep people from being as healthy and happy as they can be. Norms around clothing, diet, behavior in certain social situations, transportation, housing, work environments, parenting and many aspects of our culture hold us back from being healthy and happy.

I hope this blog can be a place outside the figurative cultural fence that defines how we should live. Let’s discuss what cultural norms should be challenged and how people are going about it to be healthier and happier.

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